Camgirl Review: sia_mur

The sia_mur account consists of two sexy Korean girls that speak Russian.

Miamur was always a pretty hot cam girl. Now that she performs with her friend, they started the sia_mur account. These Korean ladies are very hot and hardcore.

Two girls that are not shy at all.

Too hot to handle for more than a few minutes.

Two girls are better than one, especially when both are hot. You are guaranteed a good time with these girls. With their combined powers, they get a 9.5/10.

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sia_mur's Profile

Username: sia_mur (Chaturbate)
miamur_girl (Chaturbate)
Name: Unknown
Birthday: Unknown
Age: Unknown
Country: Russia
Ethnicity: Korean
Biography: Mia and her friend.
sia_mur sia_mur2

sia_mur's Photos

Public photos not available. You either need to login/join her fanclub OR purchase them for a few tokens. Visit her profile for details.